Be prepared for Brexit and protect your perishable items

How food suppliers and pharmaceuticals can effectively manage the long-term temperature control of items – whatever the challenge of Brexit delays may bring

The Brexit deadline of the 31st October, when the UK plans to leave the EU, is now fast approaching. For companies that are in the business of storing perishable items such as fruit, vegetables, cheese and other chilled or frozen foods, as well as pharmaceuticals, being able to control the temperature and the conditions in which they are stored is obviously crucial.

However, according to the UK Government’s own findings, many British businesses are still not prepared in the event of a ‘No Deal’ scenario. This could result in longer lead times for transportation and delivery; and in the worst case scenario, items which require specific storage conditions may be at risk. This situation could necessitate companies to stockpile items potentially for a much longer period than previously thought.

Although Brexit is now very close, fortunately there is still time to take action and invest in the installation of controlled environments such as cold stores and clean rooms before the 31st October.

Hemsec have been in the business of supplying thermally efficient and durable solutions since 1928 – so have therefore seen a fair amount of change in the world, with the introduction of new technologies and the growing need to conserve energy.

Today Hemsec are able to offer a range of steel-faced composite panel solutions which can help companies meet the challenge of keeping perishable items at both the correct temperature and condition, whether this be an ambient, chilled or frozen application.

Hemsec manufacture both internal and external composite panels to the highest level of thermal efficiency and unbeatable strength, tested to withstand greater force than any other manufacturer in the UK market.

The Hemsec range of composite panels also offers excellent vapour resistance, a hygienic seal, thermal U value and fire performance benefits along with a panel joint air tightness of 0.01m3.  These benefits maximise the use of Hemsec composite panels in chilled and frozen applications lending themselves to the cleanroom industry too, due to their aesthetic make up and excellent panel jointing system.

Hemsec composite panels are injected with Polyisocyanurate Insulation which is widely used throughout the industry, because it has one of the lowest thermal conductivity scores of any insulation product.

So if your business is not prepared in the event of a ‘No Deal’ Brexit then please get in touch as we can help

Don’t delay – please contact Phil Montgomery, Account Manager: Telephone contacts: 0151 432 7567 or 07787 157 348.

The lead time for our panel deliveries is approximately 2 weeks from receipt of order.



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