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As an architect and specifier, your decisions about which materials to list for a controlled environment area, are critical to the effectiveness of the total project.

These projects include freezers, cold stores and clean rooms, for which there are standards necessary to ensure the internal environment is maintained at a consistent temperature, and to preserve unstable or atmosphere-sensitive products.

There is a danger of seeing these panels as commodities, and all being much of a muchness. We are here to help you to understand insulated panels so you can be sure you are selecting the most appropriate panel for the job.

This sheet is designed to give you a basic overview, and when you want to delve deeper, you can either find more information on our website, or call us for friendly and knowledgeable support.

Your applications:

An insulated panel is like a sandwich, made up of outer facings and an internal core plus adhesives or adhesion methods to hold it together.

  • Metals and finishes. The facings can be made of various metals; you need to be aware of the strength, durability and finishes available.
  • Panel cores are made of a type of foam; check which type of core is being used in order to determine the right product for your project
  • Manufacturing methods are the final crucial factor in choosing the panel itself. Ensure you specify panels made using the method most appropriate to the project’s needs.

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