Chris Richards – 20 years and counting!

It was 1999 when Chris Richards first joined us in production and now, 20 years later, he’s Operations Manager in our busy factory

Here, he tells us how it all started, and how much he values his role at Hemsec.

“I had just moved into the area and was told about a couple of jobs that might be coming up in Hemsec, so I thought I would try for one. I had my interview with Jim Nolan, and was given a two-week opportunity to see if I was up for the job. “

Thinking back to his first day, Chris remembers, “I was put on a continuous laminator machine that made polystyrene panels – I had never even seen one before. My role was to push long lengths of polystyrene into the machine for eight hours, I did this for a few months, then started moving up the line as I got more confident.

“In the last 20 years I have had a lot of roles in the factory, have run many different lines and met all kinds of people. I started my latest role in July this year as the Operations Manager; I still feel I have loads to learn even after 20 years.”

We asked Chris what’s made him stay at Hemsec for so much of his career. He says: “The reason I have stayed so long is because there are always new opportunities if you are up for them, and people here will help you along the way. 20 years is a bit of an achievement these days, but Hemsec have been very loyal to me, so I feel it is right to give my loyalty in return.”

Chris Richards, Operations Manager quotes Hemsec have been very loyal to me


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