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Hemsec has become a member of EPIC*, the not-for-profit organisation established in 1991 to represent the PIR/PUR rigid urethane insulated panel industry in the UK.

One of Hemsec’s core values is ‘partnership’, which is why we particularly appreciate EPIC’s work; it benefits the whole industry in a cross-stakeholder collaboration.

EPIC provides us with the support we need to ensure our products meet regulatory requirements, and as with everything we do, we want to exceed those requirements where we believe it is our responsibility to do so.

If you use, or plan to use, insulated panels in your projects, we believe that you will benefit from this partnership. For example, it makes it easy for us to provide you with technical information, particularly relating to fire safety, and performance in fire, which is one of the most common questions about PIR and PUR.

We aim to be an active partner in EPIC, and if you are interested in finding out more, please contact us, or visit https://www.epic.uk.com/

*The mnemonic EPIC stands for Engineered Panels in Construction.

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