How to specify Insulated Panels on your MMC project

In order to make it easier to use Hemsec Insulated Panels, which are manufactured to the highest quality available anywhere in the world, we are now partnered with the National Building Specification (NBS), helping designers and specifiers find the right quality product information and easily produce solutions using insulated panels in buildings. This information is now held within The NBS BIM Library, NBS Plus and RIBA Product Selector.

Modern methods of construction (MMC) are coming to the fore in order to make a crucial difference to the built environment by meeting energy and cost-efficiency targets, and this requires high-quality data and information. Architects, surveyors, civil engineers and project managers with responsibility for designing and specifying better solutions for building projects, need to source the best and most appropriate products and materials. Accessing this information ensures that a building is designed to maximum energy efficiency and risks are properly assessed and minimised.

There are a number of key platforms on which architects and designers can source product data to support the specification of new materials, including Insulated Panels, in projects utilising MMC:

  • You can visit RIBA Product Selector, an industry-leading online index of manufacturers’ product information. Here you can retrieve company information, product literature, case studies, certifications and more, including access to any related services as below
  • Specially formatted technical product specifications are available for download from NBS Plus and are embedded into the newly launched cloud specification platform NBS Chorus
  • BIM or Building Information Modelling objects are available to download from the National BIM Library
  • Continuous professional development (CPD) materials can be found at RIBA CPD

Particularly, interest in using Structurally Insulated Panels (SIPs) for all types of building projects has increased substantially in recent years. However, many specifiers either misunderstand or are unaware of the benefits of using SIPs. That’s why, as one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of composite insulated panels, we have teamed up with NBS, helping to provide easy access to BIM Objects within its comprehensive online library.

The information on NBS helps specifiers to understand how much more flexible SIPs are for designing creative buildings with enhanced internal space, and to gain technical details of their thermal efficiency and structural strength. It helps designers to understand what SIPs may be used for, how SIPs strip out time, cost and risk, and how they meet building regulations, safety criteria and attract project investment.

The NBS BIM Library is a free online resource for anyone involved in the design, supply and construction of the build environment. Users can search for BIM objects and product specifications that comply with NBS standards and use 3D modelling. Furthermore, the system gives easy access and downloads to product catalogues,

Chris Griffin, Hemsec Commercial Manager, said, “With Hemsec SIPs, you can construct better quality buildings, and build them faster. They are becoming central to the development of eco-buildings and Modern Methods of Construction (MMC), because they are arguably the most eco-friendly building material available anywhere on the market. At Hemsec, we understand that we need to do more to inform the industry about these benefits. The NBS BIM library is a big part of the solution, enabling the profession to search both generic and manufacturer objects such as Hemsec SIPs. We are delighted to be partnering with NBS for this project.”

Alternatively, please contact us personally: Commercial Manager Chris Griffin or Richard Bennett, specialist in SIPs


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