Insulated Panels Made in Britain!

Hemsec has signed up to be part of the Made in Britain organisation.

Britain is world-famous for manufacturing products of exceptional quality, and for Hemsec, being accepted into the Made in Britain community reflects the added value we offer by providing the highest quality products to the markets in which we operate.

As part of Made in Britain, we unite with the British Manufacturing community under the registered collective mark and will feature in the Made in Britain directory alongside other British manufacturers across 50 product categories.

We have taken this step because the products we manufacture support the safety and wellbeing of people, and the sustainability of the planet. It really matters that our customers and end users feel total confidence in our products.  We’ve been manufacturing since 1928 and have always felt a strong sense of responsibility to our people, our planet and the ability to sustain our business through profit.

We support and demonstrate the values of British Manufacturing in our work, and the fact that our products are Made in Britain and can be trusted, really matters to us. We distribute throughout Europe and it’s important that we help keep the British flag flying. 

Here’s a link to more information on Hemsec Manufacturing and below is a link to the Made in Britain website.

Made in Britain

Hemsec products are Made in Britain


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