Manufacturing Continuity

As a valuable member of the construction industry supply chain, you will want to know our position as a responsible manufacturer, and what you can expect from us in the light of current public health concerns.

We are actively monitoring the Coronavirus outbreak and in the first instance we are checking with, and following, UK Government advice above all other sources of information. We aim to act in line with key information as it is released from the Government, and other appropriate authorities, for both the social and economic good.

Our products can be of critical importance in the manufacturing of emergency temporary and modular isolation and treatment spaces, as well hygienic and temperature-controlled storage and manufacturing units. Our customer base is being asked to deliver panels for these kinds of urgent projects, and you may well be asked to do so, if you haven’t already.

As a result of this, we will endeavour to ensure our factory and offices remain open for business as usual unless instructed otherwise by the Government and Public Health England.

We have taken a broad spectrum of measures, including social distancing, work from home capabilities, cross functional training, remote meetings and hygiene control measures in our offices and production facilities to ensure our ability to continue manufacturing. In terms of scenario planning we have modelled safe operations on a reduced work-force and believe our business has sufficient flexibility to reallocate roles where it is safe to do so. This means we may anticipate our production capability being strained, but not beyond safe working limits. Based on present information from authorities and suppliers, and thanks to these precautionary measures we have taken, the situation does not currently impact our ability to manufacture and supply either steel faced, or timber faced panels.

We are working with a number of partners to support product manufacturing, food storage and distribution, and health services to ensure that any critical requirements continue to be met.

In terms of looking after our employees, we have been able to create the necessary support for people to reallocate priority work-loads and defer non-essential work-loads to ensure we give our employees, who are the heart and soul of our business, the time and space to get better without stresses hanging over them. This is a time for kindness and the consideration of others, so by collaborating and thinking a little differently we can provide the necessary flexibility to pull through this together.

Our lead times remain unchanged but please stay in touch with us if you expect a high volume of product requirements and we will work with you to ensure you have what you need, when you need it.

From all of us here at the Hemsec team we wish you all the best of health and good luck in getting through these challenging times.

Hemsec insulated panels coming off the production line and lifting into a rotating cooling area


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