Support for the growing modular and portable sector

We have seen a very definite upswing in the use of Hemsec panels for the modular and portable buildings sector, as a direct result of the need for safe, hygienic buildings to be built in days and weeks, rather than months and years.

During lockdown we have developed safe methods of manufacturing, and have continued to supply our world-class steel-faced and timber-faced structural insulated panels in very tight turnaround times.

How can we help?

As we look ahead, it is our firm belief that the modular and portable sector will continue to grow and it’s important to make players aware that we have the capacity to support them, by:

  • Helping to raise the sector’s profile
  • Supplying panels in high volumes
  • Continuing with rigorous testing, quality and safety standards
  • By working within a product BBA rather than a system BBA to make it easy to work with us

Why the sector is set for growth

  • There will be an ongoing need for more flexible working spaces to be built quickly, as the world evolves to a more socially distanced, super-hygienic model post-Covid
  • Now that the industry has had to adapt fast, and the end user has experienced how quickly they can get excellent quality buildings, it’s unlikely construction will return to how it was before the pandemic

Some examples of how structural insulated panels can be used

Panels can be used as part of an existing system, or to create an entire build system, and this depends on the builder’s preference and working methods.

There are two basic insulated panel systems: steel and timber.  In some respects, it is a matter of preference as to which is used, because all our panels hold LPCB fire ratings, both types enable exceptionally fast builds, and both provide outstanding levels of insulation.

They are ideal for myriad applications, including but not limited to:

  1. Extension of working facilities
  2. Education facilities
  3. Areas where social distancing is required
  4. Small stand-alone temporary structures e.g.
    • Welfare facilities
    • Testing stations
  5. Partitioning
    • Isolation
    • Screening
    • Testing
    • Office sectioning
  6. Manufacturing facilities, e.g.
    • Food
    • Medical instruments
    • Drugs and medicines
    • PPE
  7. Treatment centres, e.g.
    • Isolation areas
    • Pods for temporary living-on-site  
  8. Domestic applications, e.g.
    • Garden rooms to extend living areas as people spend less time away from home
    • Workroom extensions to allow residents to work from home

Speeding up housing supply

The modular and volumetric housing industry is highly likely to grow because of the way building has changed in few short weeks.

Using MMC, affordable housing and key worker accommodation in particular can expect a significant boost as markets return to work, and the focus moves from emergency, to benefiting from what companies have learned during lockdown.

UK supply lines

The speed at which the lockdown hit the world meant that it became difficult, if not impossible, for countries to rely on imported product. A lot of metal panels are made in Poland, the Czech Republic, France and Italy and we understand from customers that it is hard to get them right now.

It means that there has never been a better time to include British manufacturers in your supply chain if you are a building developer.

At Hemsec, we have overcome the challenges of lockdown by a variety of measures, such as reducing the number of staff on shifts so we can ensure they remain physically distanced, providing PPE for all factory staff and educating and monitoring the teams to ensure they stick to safe working practices.

We have been manufacturing throughout the pandemic, and have supplied materials to builders working in mission-critical situations, such as the Nightingale hospitals, isolation wards, temporary storage for food and drugs, and facilities for urgent manufacturing requirements such as hospital equipment and PPE.

We are ready and willing to help your organisation in a partnership, where you gain advice, support, contacts and expertise as well as some of the highest quality structural insulated panels available anywhere in the world.


If you would like more information about Hemsec products and services, please contact Chris Griffin, Hemsec Commercial Manager on 0151 432 7569 or email


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