The future of UK construction: Part 3 – Super-ECO building benefits

Welcome to part 3 of an 8 part series, looking in to ‘Why Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) are vital to the future of UK construction’.
Check out Part 2: What are SIPs? and follow us to keep up to date on the series.

Part 3 – Super-ECO building benefits

One of the major qualities of SIPs is that they are an environmentally-friendly material. Their facings are made from renewable, farm-grown trees, and none of their components contributes to environmental degradation, making them an obvious choice for construction companies that care for the future of our planet.

Faster building means less power usage

A shell constructed from SIPs is erected much faster and, therefore, more economically than a conventional shell, enabling builders to complete their part of the building project quickly and to provide a safe, weather-protected environment for other trades to carry out their work. Whenever something in construction happens faster, it’s going to use less power and fuel.

Insulation properties mean huge cuts in fuel usage and occupier expenses

Insulation values for SIPs are vastly superior to conventional framing and insulating methods, as a building constructed with these panels is virtually airtight.  This means that occupants have excellent control over the interior environment, which is not interrupted by draughts and irregularities in air temperature.  In other words, in a building constructed with SIPs there are none of the hot and cold spots found with conventional building materials.

Less waste means a healthier planet

As well as reducing the cost to the occupant of heating fuels, a key advantage of using SIPs in the construction of homes is that they produce far less waste than buildings constructed from conventional materials as there is a reduction in harmful gases released from burning waste as well as a reduction in the need for landfill space. 

Talk to the experts

Talk to us here at Hemsec if you’d like to know more; we will be running some educational sessions later in 2019. Alternatively, you could contact the SIPs Forum within the UK Structural Timber Association (STA).


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