The low carbon debate in the housing press has begun in earnest

The housing press has talked a lot about volume-build in the last few years, corralling the construction industry to change its methods in order to reach steep new housing targets.

Now, in an article in Inside Housing on 9 August, award-winning columnist and blogger Jules Birch calls for ‘a new mindset on decarbonisation’, a strong, well-argued piece that points out the challenges to the social housing sector of finding the funds to pay for it.

“If the need for dramatic action has long been clear,” he says, “so too has a tendency to put off doing anything meaningful…as extreme weather and the Extinction Rebellion bring the climate emergency to the top of the agenda, the issue is back with a vengeance.”

Jules Birch quotes an interview he did with Chris Jofeh, the building retrofit leader at Arup who chaired the Welsh Government’s Independent Review on Decarbonising Welsh Homes  who says, “Don’t expect you can do it with existing budgetary constraints; it needs a new paradigm”

We agree, and are positioning Hemsec to be part of the new paradigm. We feel responsible for educating the market about the benefits of using different materials in building homes, such as insulated panels.

It’s time to make a noise about the carbon efficiency of homes built using insulated panels

For too long, the housing industry has been constrained by its unwillingness to shift from traditional methods and materials, and the panel industry has not shouted loudly enough about its ability to provide materials which not only help to create extremely low carbon homes, but do it much faster, to a higher quality and more cost-effectively.

We are starting to make a noise – come and join us. Contact us today.

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Decarbonisation of homes


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