UK Supply Chain Resilience will help the construction market to recover

Now is the time to find UK manufacturers to supply in the face of global import and export challenges

As the first green shoots of a structure out of lockdown begin to emerge, however uncertainly they may be interpreted, the speed of recovery will no doubt stress pre-existing global supply chains and strain the UK’s ability to recover at the pace we all want it to.  

Countries throughout the world entered this crisis at different times and with different strategies, which has led to different outcomes and exit plans.  This means that if your company has depended on our once comfortably dynamic, Just-In-Time international supply chains, you may find they will not be so reliable, as the flow of goods is disrupted by the timing of each nation’s recovery. 

The movement of materials across frontiers and through ports will not be as fluid as it once was as vessels are delayed, returned loads cancelled, or products not manufactured in time.  These supply chain failures will no doubt put upward pressure on the costs of projects, as companies move quickly to identify and address this risk with contingency plans. 

Here at Merseyside-based Hemsec, before the pandemic, we were ramping up our manufacturing capacity as part of an ambitious growth plan. Since the pandemic began, we have worked tirelessly to maintain a safe level of working production, and our first priority was to ensure that our hospitals and the other organisations employing front-line key workers were able to source the materials they needed for controlled environments and isolation pods

Now that this urgency has abated, we have been carefully expanding our production capability in line with the updated government advice to help our customers get back to work where they can do so safely. 

All of this has helped us maintain a state of readiness for when high volume demand returns to the UK market. 

We are proud to be members of Made in Britain and our robust and dedicated supply chain means we can continue to supply, in high volume, insulated composite panels to the UK construction industry. 

We have a range of high-quality products from our External Panel for the building envelope, our SIPs panel for the building structure, our Carrier panels for industrial and commercial cladding, to our Control range for cold-storage and hygienic applications. 

If you have a project that may be at risk due to the failure of an international supply chain, and you need some support or supply assurances for any of the above, then please get in touch with us at or search the NBS/RIBA products selectors for more information and we’ll be happy to work out a solution for you.  We’ve been here for 92 years, we know we can help, we’re expert at it.


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