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When you need products with an unquestionable pedigree, you’ll find them here at Hemsec.

Our focus for almost 100 years has been entirely on manufacturing the highest quality insulated panels available anywhere in the world, and on delivering them when, where and how our customers need them.

Our products primarily serve the food, pharmaceutical and construction industries, meet and exceed appropriate BS and ES accreditations, and are warrantied for 60 years, which demonstrates their durable performance.

From the simplest panel needed to refurbish or line a cold store, through energy-saving, load-bearing SIPs for residential and commercial buildings, to the toughest panel required to handle severe temperatures from -50C to +50C, Hemsec’s technologies provide you with outstanding results.

The panels provide your structure with a smooth finish with no unsightly joins, and can cope with demanding spans for very large areas.

All our panels have been fire resistance tested to appropriate levels by the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB), so you may be confident that their safety is indisputable.

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How will buildings change post Covid-19?

May 2020

There will be a need to re-purpose and redesign buildings, as well as increase space as a result of the current global pandemic, according to a growing number of industry insights.

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empty warehouse with open space ready to be retrofitted or repurposed

How to specify Insulated Panels on your MMC project

May 2020

Hemsec are now partnered with the NBS, helping you to access project specification detail and specify products quicker than ever before.

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Controlled Environment Solutions – Part 2

April 2020

Part 2 of our Controlled Environment Solutions blog series looks at the composite make-up of Insulated Panels, how they are made and their benefits.

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Hemsec Control 30 fire rated insulation panels used as walls and ceilings in a cheese prodcution factory

Controlled Environment Solutions – a new blog series

April 2020

Part 1 of our Controlled Environment Solutions blog series looks at how Hemsec invented and Innovated the concept of Insulated Panels.

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An internal controlled environment, large warehouse with roller doors for loading wagons. Insulated wall panels like those made by Hemsec

Partnership in Focus – Structural Engineering modular build specialists Atom Consultants

March 2020

Atom Consultants are Chartered Structural Engineers and have been working with Hemsec since 2005. The firm has a wealth of expertise in the modular and semi-modular construction sector.

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Atom Consultants logo - partnerships with Hemsec

What you need, where & when you need it – NHS and Emergency Building support

March 2020

You may play a critical role in the public health situation supporting a medical emergency by making provisions for storage, distribution, production or vital equipment. We can help you.

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Inside of a cold room made from insulated panel walls and ceilings. There is a large yellow sliding door. Hemsec can supply insulated panels for emergency situations

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Hemsec SIPs FAQs

May 2019 – A

Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) are a composite panel that can be utilised for wall and roof structures and are known as a Modern Method of Construction (MMC).

Hemsec SIPs Timber Faced structural insulated panel with mini sip spline

Controlled Environment Solutions – Part 3

Our blog series on controlled environment solutions continues with a look at the versatility of composite insulated panels for refurbishments and new builds.


Support for the growing modular and portable sector

We have seen a very definite upswing in the use of Hemsec panels for the modular and portable buildings sector, as a direct result of the need for safe, hygienic buildings to be built in days and weeks, rather than months and years.


SIPs education e-book free to download

In association with PBC Today, we have put together an illustrated guide to SIPs, which outlines why they are so crucial to the future of the UK construction Industry.


UK Supply Chain Resilience will help the construction market to recover

Now is the time to find UK manufacturers to supply in the face of global import and export challenges.

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Hemsec Control Smooth Metal Faced Insulated Panels

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