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Hemsec Carrier Smooth Metal Faced Insulated Panels
Hemsec Carrier is an external fire-resistant panel, which allows for you to apply a range of external cladding options.

  • Ideal solution for structural, low-air permeability and thermal ‘support’ for roofs or walls.
  • Enhances the energy performance of the building and reduces CO2 emissions.
  • A superior, smooth surface over long panel lengths, which can take external finishes such as zinc, aluminium, standing seam and rainscreens.
  • Full thickness range from 50mm (U value of 0.39) to 200mm (U value of 0.10).


Hemsec Control panels are ideally suited for use in your internal refurbishment projects and for forming multiple suites of rooms. As the thinnest panels in our range they are not only the most cost effective solution but offer fantastic thermal performance alongside unrivalled wall and ceiling spans.

Our 50mm thick panels are especially suited for use as lining walls replacing the likes of PVC single skin products, avoiding unsighlty joins and supporting frameworks resulting in a clean, attractive and aesthetically pleasing finish.

These temperature controlled solutions are typically used within the food and drink industry, for applications such as:

  • Chilled Storage.
  • Food Processing and Preperation.
  • Storage and Warehousing.
  • Retail solutions.


We aim to provide you with easy to follow and relevant technical information, suited to the vast majority of applications. 
Whilst we are confident the below data will help you specify, design and build your project using our Hemsec Carrier panels, we always encourage further conversations around your project specific requirements. This can make the most of our panels capabilities, allowing us to tailor our technical details with a project specific guarantee. Its good to talk during the early stages of your project…

Panel Data

Panel Thickness
Min. Panel Length
Thermal Transmittance
U W/M2K *
Weight Kg/m2

* Thermal transmittance based on a mean thermal conductivity value of 0.02038 W/mK.

Span Information:

Span capabilities for Hemsec Carrier panels are determined on a project by project basis and require specific site data to be checked by a qualified structural engineer. Please contact Hemsec during the early stages of the projects design phase to make the most of the panels capabilities.

All designs should be qualified by a third-party structural engineer who can then determine the appropriate arrangement of tophats and their fixings, Hemsec can provide the names of such structural engineers upon request.

Ideally the preferred solution is to fix vertically laid tophats to the panel face with through fixings into rails behind as shown on the detail, helping hand brackets are then fixed to the tophat, this approach eliminates any localised forces from the bracket into the outer skin of the panel.

If cladding rails are not available, then it may be possible to fix the vertical tophats into the outer skin of the panel with special fixings, it is advisable to keep the tophats in a vertical orientation on all applications as this reduces the loads in the fixings considerably compared with tophats laid horizontally.

Hemsec Carrier Rainscreen Fixing Detail
Cover Width:


Insulation Core:

A rigid thermoset polyurethane insulation core, provides the following benefits:

  • Closed cell.
  • HCFC free.
  • Zero ozone depletion potential (ODP).

Panel Joint:

Tongue and groove panel joint achieves excellent vapour resistance and thermal performance.


Steel Facing Options:

Panel FinishesManufacturerInternal
Steel Substrate
(nominal Thk)
Paint Thickness
µm (nominal)
Laminate Thickness
µm (nominal)
Plastisol Thickness
µm (nominal)
PolyesterVarious0.7mm S280 / Z275 HDG25--
PolyesterVarious0.5mm Z225 HDG25--
Primer / BWLVarious0.5mm Z225 HDG7--

External Steel Facing:

  • Smooth (as standard).

Internal Steel Facing:

  • 100 Rib.
  • Smooth.


Air Leakage:

Panel joint air-tightness = 0.01 m3/m2/hr at 50 Pa when tested to EN 12114 in accordance with BS EN 14509: 2013.


All panels have a predicted figure weighted sound reduction Rw = 26dB.


Reaction to fire:

Polyester coated PIR sandwich panels have a performance in accordance with EN13501-1:2007 + A1:2009 of B s2 d0.
For fire specification on other panel finishes please contact Hemsec.

Fire resistance:
LPCB LPS 1181 Part 1 Cert:558b

Carrier wall thicknesses achieve EXT-A30 with 60 minutes integrity and 30 minutes insulation.
For detailed information visit the Red Book Live website.

Please refer to the Hemsec Fire Rating Matrix document for any fire resistance requirements.

Quality & Durability:

Hemsec metal faced panels are manufactured from high quality materials, using state of the art production equipment to rigorous quality control standards (complying with an approved BS EN ISO 9001:2015 QMS standard) ensuring long-term durability and service life.


Hemsec Manufacturing Ltd offers a 25 year panel performance guarantee.
This is subject to project specific information. Please contact Hemsec for further details.



Gain the exact finish you need, by including flashings in your Hemsec orders.

  • Manufactured to match all your technical specifications.
  • The same steel coil is used to match your flashings to the panels produced on our production line.
  • Various designs, folded to a maximum length of 3000mm.
  • Available with safety folds (excluding galvanised and five-bar aluminium)


Hemsec will always strive to push the limitations of our product range. We do this by testing them more thoroughly than even the most rigorous accreditation requires us to do so; underpinning our promise of quality.

The technical specifications outlined above were delivered from successful demonstrations, performed to the test standards set out by our accreditation suppliers. You can relax knowing that the business risks associated with key projects are reduced by us working directly with these bodies:

  • Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB)
  • Factory Mutual (FM Approval)
  • BS EN Standards
  • Conformité Européenne (CE Marking)


The below files are specifically tailored to our Hemsec Carrier metal faced product. If you can not find the information you require for this product please contact us. If you are looking to find more generic company information or another products data please browse our download section…

Hemsec Carrier insulated wall panels supporting external rainscreen on the beacon centre at blackburn college

Carrier Data Sheet

January 2020 – A

Hemsec composite insulated panel manufacturer alternative placeholder image

Metal Faced Ceiling Care

March 2019 – A

Hemsec composite insulated panel manufacturer alternative placeholder image

Steel Matrix

March 2019 – A

Hemsec composite insulated panel manufacturer alternative placeholder image

Metal Faced Panel Care

March 2019 – A

Hemsec composite insulated panel manufacturer alternative placeholder image

Metal Faced COSHH

March 2019 – A

Hemsec composite insulated panel manufacturer alternative placeholder image

LPCB LPS 1181 Certificate

July 2018 – A

Hemsec leading in insulated panel manufacture product overview brochure front page preview

Hemsec Product Overview Brochure

December 2019 – A

Hemsec composite insulated panel manufacturer alternative placeholder image

ISO 9001 : 2015 Certificate

August 2018 – A

Hemsec a trusted partner overview brochure front page preview

Hemsec Overview Brochure

March 2019 – A

Metal Faced Sustainability

March 2019 – A

Case Studies

We love that our products make a difference, there’s nothing better than setting our eyes on a finished project and hearing the story behind it.
Here are some of our most recent Carrier product case studies, hopefully they may provide some inspiration for your next project and an insight in to our products capabilities and uses. Think your project would compliment our list? Why not send us some details…


Hemsec are producing the most relevant educational information to make your life easier.
Be you an architect, developer or installer, we can help ease you through the learning curve of our products and advance your knowledge to assist you in your day to day processes. Is there a particular topic on your mind right now? Let us know..



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Hemsec Control Smooth Metal Faced Insulated Panels

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