The future of UK construction: Part 4 – Building quality

Snagging could be a thing of the past for builders and contractors who use SIPs

In our previous blog 3 in this SIPs series, entitled ‘Eco Building Benefits’, we looked at the excellent environmentally friendly qualities of buildings constructed with SIPs, and here we take a look at the finished quality of the buildings.

99% of home owners report snags and defects

When we consider that in the 2019 Customer Satisfaction Survey by the NHBC shows that 99% of customers reported snags and defects in their home to their builders after moving in, quality is a big issue in the UK construction industry.

70% of those surveyed reported between six and fifteen problems, and more than a quarter of them (26%) reported more than 16 problems.

Not only are SIPs buildings faster and easier to erect than conventionally constructed buildings, but they also have straighter and flatter walls.  Industrially manufactured, SIPs are not subject to the inconsistencies of man-made construction.  This means that interior and exterior walls which are made of SIPs, are straighter and flatter than hand-built, rendered walls. This unique aspect reduces the requirement for onsite adjustments – which means little or no snagging.

Resistance to damage

Using SIPs to construct the exterior envelope of the building creates an extremely tough, durable barrier to the elements for the protection and comfort of the building’s occupants.  SIPs buildings are capable of resisting hurricanes and tornados in storm-prone areas of the world.  In Kobe, Japan in 1993, an earthquake devastated a large area of the city, but houses built with SIPs came through it virtually unscathed.

Hemsec can help you introduce SIPs to your construction projects

Most developers and contractors are aware of the need to develop modern methods of construction and are looking for help in introducing changes to time-honoured building processes. Here at Hemsec, we are experts in the manufacture of insulated panels and can help companies to effect these changes. We have a wealth of engineering partners who can offer advice and services. Take the first step and contact us now.

House built with SIPs panels to demonstrate quality


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